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Regional Conference in Sofia 2013

Regional Conference in Sofia 2013

На 19 октомври тази година в София ще се проведе регионалната конференция организирана от European Students for Liberty. Нашите колеги Кузман Илиев и Владимир Сиркаров ще са лектори на престижното събитие. В следващите редове ще намерите подробно описание на темата на конференцията, както и информация за участниците в нея. За който иска да присъства на интересното събитие може да намери пълното описание на процеса по регистриране на посочения в края на текста линк. (Текстът е на английски, в унисон с цялата конференция).

European Students for Liberty is thrilled to announce our Regional Conference in Sofia following last year’s enthusiastic success. We’re excited to present to both seasoned and fledgling libertarians the opportunity to attend lectures on economics, philosophy, and liberty by some of the world’s leading libertarian thinkers. This will be not only an opportunity for learning and self-improvement, but also a great chance to network, build friendships across national boundaries, and to pick up the skills necessary to make sure the message of liberty is delivered as eloquently and strongly as possible to your audience at home.

Previous attendees can offer you passionate accounts of how absolutely thrilling it is to mingle with some of the brightest young minds from across Europe. There is nothing quite as intellectually powerful as a group of libertarians who piece together their decentralized knowledge to create a conclusive case against government control, interventionism, and favoritism. After the conference, attendees are invited to attend the social at the Stix Bar and Billiards to relax and bond. The city of Sofia itself is also rich in culture and history, and participants are encouraged to explore as much as their free time allows. They can find museums and churches scattered around Sofia, with the Alexander Nevsky cathedral having a central position in the downtown area.


Dr. Krassen Stanchev is Board Chairman, Founder and former Executive Director of the Institute for Market Economics ( – the first Bulgarian free market think thank founded in 1993. He is a former member of the Constitutional Assembly (1990-1991), one of the most quoted Bulgarian observers. He received several honors such as the Best Country Analyst Award in 1996 by Euromoney and was a nominee for Bulgaria’s Mr. Ekonomika 2004 as well as a laureate for the Bulgaria Government Prize – 2002 and the GV Fund for Contribution to the Spirit of Liberty – 2006. Dr. Stanchev was a principle drafter of a number of reforms that put Bulgaria on the path from central planning to a market economy. He was also involved in initiatives related to market oriented and democratic reforms in the Balkans and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Vladimir Sirkarov and Kuzman Iliev are co-writers and co-hosts of the financial show “Boom & Bust” on the channel Bulgaria ON AIR. Together with a group of ambitious friends and colleagues, they established the Brain Workshop Institute and the consulting company BW Consulting. The Brain Workshop Institute focuses on research and professional advice in the fields of macroeconomic research and corporate finance.

Vladimir Sirkarov was born in 1986 in Sofia. After getting a Master’s degree in financial markets, he is now writing his Ph.D. with Professor Nikolay Nenovsky on monetary system reform. Vladimir has strong interests in the Austrian school of economics, monetary policy, macroeconomics, capital and foreign exchange trading, and investment strategies.

Kuzman Iliev, 26, is an economic and political analyst and financial journalist. He has a Master’s degree in Public policy and is currently preparing his Ph.D. in the field of Financial Economics and Banking. He has received the Student of the Year Award (New Bulgarian University, 2009) and the Charles Mozer Grant for contributions to political science, as well as having won first place in the EU parliament essay competition. Iliev’s main research interests include monetary theory, banking, financial economics, business cycles, financial history, and the history of economic thought.

Vladimir Karolev, is a Bulgarian politician and economist with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Alberta. He is currently CEO of the Balkan Advisory Company, a firm which deals with corporate finances and foreign investment. In 2011, he ran for Mayor of Sofia as part of the National Movement for Stability and Prosperity (NMSP), the political party of Bulgaria’s former king and former prime minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg. He has been teaching Investment Management at the City University of Seattle since 1998.

Dan Grossman is the Chairman of the Board for Atlas. He spent his working career as the founder and owner of various private businesses. He was formerly the Chairman of the Foundation for Economic Education, Irvington, NY. He graduated from Miami University in Oxford Ohio with a Degree in Economics, and from Columbia University in New York, NY with an MBA in Finance. Mr. Grossman resides in Washington, D.C.

Daniel Kaddik was born in 1981. He holds degrees in Governmental Studies, European Studies and International Studies. During his youth, he was actively involved with the Young Liberals for Germany and a number of liberal student groups. In 2009 Kaddick started working for Friedrich Naumann Stifftung (a liberal non-profit organization that provides policy consultations and educational programs in more than 60 countries) in Germany, India and Russia. In 2013 he became regional director of the foundation for Southeast Europe. His main interest lay in the field of liberal policies, economics and social sciences as well as entrepreneurship and citizen participation in governance.

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