Brain Workshop Institute цели раждането на място за дебати, коментари, анализи в много близки и в същото време много различни области.


Martin Iliev

Legal Expert | Market Analyst at Bulgaria on Air Media Group

In 2011 Martin Iliev earned Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Three years later, he graduated as a Master of Law at the same Alma mater. Since October 2014 Martin became editor of the TV show for economics and finance Boom & Bust and market analyst at TV and Radio Bulgaria on Air.

“Autobiography Martin Iliev”


Teodora Trifonova

Legal advisor at Notary office Darin Trifonov

At the beginning of 2009 Teodora began working in the field of international management standards. Over the next few years she gained extensive experience in communicating with representatives of various business sectors. Since 2012 she works as a legal advisor at Notary office Darin Trifonov. She has experience in the field of property law, family law and commercial law.

Autobiography Teodora Trifonova”


Yoanna Georgieva

Human Resources (HR) Specialist, Heineken Zagorka Brewery

In 2014, After getting a Master’s degree in Business administration – human resources management, Yoanna has started work in the Heineken Zagorka Brewery, Bulgarian OpCo of HEINEKEN Company. Being part of one of the most innovative companies, leader in the FMCG industry, she has the possibility to contribute to the overal organizational culture by managing various HR related activities – people’s attraction, development and retaining.

Autobiography Yoanna Georgieva”


Kuzman Iliew

Economic researcher | Host of the show Boom and Bust at Bulgaria On Air TV

Kuzman Iliev is currently preparing his Ph.D in the field of Financial Economics and Banking and has a Master’s degree in Public Management (Toulouse, France).

“Autobiography Kuzman Iliev”



Vladimir Sirkarov

Economic researcher | Host of the show Boom and Bust at Bulgaria On Air TV

Vladimir Sirkarov is co-author and co-host of the financial talk show “Boom & Bust” on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. In the same media he regularly participates in the analytical section of the TV show Investbook”. He is now writing his Ph.D. on monetary system reform and the theory of money and credit.

“Autobiography Vladimir Sirkarov”


Evelina Prodanova

Organizational and Personal Development Expert

Evelina is an organizational psychologist who has focused her efforts and research interest in finding effective ways for newly started ventures to grow as sustainable organizations. A PhD Student in Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, a Fulbright scholarship holder and an entrepreneur.

“Autobiography Evelina Prodanova”


Georgi Mishkov

Financial Analyst | Banking expert

His main academic and professional interests are in the area of Finance, while he is currently working in the Corporate Department of one of the biggest banks in Bulgaria. Georgi is an avid reader, while his main interests are within the are of corporate finance, risk management and value investing.

“Aurobiography Georgi Mishkov”


Yavor Kacharov

Supply Chain Manager TPM International at Actavis

Yavor has a bachelor degree in “Economics of the Tourism” and is currently applying for his master degree in “Supply Chain Management”. To date Yavor is working as a supply chain manager in a leading pharmaceutical company, managing supply chain processes, working along with company suppliers and is representing his company on more than 12 markets.

“Autoniography Yavor Kacharov”


Alexander Terziyski

Strategy Consultant | Investment Management

Aleksandar is an investment professional who joined the Venture Capital & Private Equity field following over 3 years of top-tier strategy consulting. He specialized Finance and Management in the UK and Germany and holds a master’s degree in Finance from Bradford University School of Management.

“Autobiography Alexander Teerziyski”


Yavor Aleksiev

Economic researcher

Yavor Aleksiev is economic researcher at the Institute for Market Economics (IME). He is also a member of the Bulgarian Macroeconomic Association, Brain Workshop Institute and is part of the’s pool of international experts. He’s chief editor and co-founder of the Bulgarian web based informational platform – Infograf.

“Autobiography Yavor Aleksiev”


Hristian Daskalov

Stakeholder Management Expert

Hristian is author of the book “Stakeholder Management on Projects, Programmes and Strategies in Higher Education, Research & Innovation”. He is currently working in the area of internal communications and information management for the “Strategy & Transformation” department of a global IT corporation.

“Autobiography Hristian Daskalov”