Brain Workshop Institute цели раждането на място за дебати, коментари, анализи в много близки и в същото време много различни области.

Training on “How to live in the new digital era”

Training on “How to live in the new digital era”

On April 9th 2014 Brain Workshop Institute team was guest speakers of the youth organization YEN / HP and conducted training on “How to live in the new digital era.”

With many interactive video materials, active discussions and practical tasks the trainees had the opportunity to enrich their knowledge about the psychological aspects of the era in which we develop, the characteristics of the new “digital people”, who are the bad habits that it gives us and how to beware of them; how to manage their attitudes and what are the techniques that we can apply daily to live a balanced and less stressful life.

Whether the new era presents more possibilities or more problems, are people socially (in) dependent and how to work for the benefit of themselves, using what technology development provides.

Last but not least was presented  the legal side of the topic – with all the constraints and opportunities – how to protect ourselves when shopping online, how to protect form the personality or identification theft, what are the laws that protect us and what are our rights in attempted fraud. Exceptional thanks to the active participation of all, for your time and trust and for the chance to share our experience!…

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