Brain Workshop Institute цели раждането на място за дебати, коментари, анализи в много близки и в същото време много различни области.




Who we are?


Brain Workshop Institute is an organization, community and professional network of young seekers. We gather together to share professional and academic experienc to build contacts and friendships, to share expertise and know-how. The Institute is a nonprofit organization and it was created on 10.10.2020.


The people …


The pro-activity and the energy come from the people involved in the project. Brain Workshop is a platform where ideas can be shared, expressed and valued. Every person is focused on different areas of expertise such as economics, financ law, personal and organizarional developments, leadershi education, touris busines and technologies.


Our Vision


To become a business model and structure that generates analysis, offers trainings and workshops and provides an environment for growing ideas, organizing international conferences and events. Our purpose is to relate to sustainable economic development and the improvement of the investment environment.




Brain Workshop Institute works closely with universities as University of National and World Econom Sofia Universit New Bulgarian University and regularly organizes lectures and conferences on different topics. We are thankful to all of our partners and we are open to new ideas and partnerships!