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Mone Credit and Liberty

Author: Kuzman Iliev / Date: 27.03.2020

„Let me start my article with a quotation. Quotation from a great and eminent libertarian thinker: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who else. It goes like this: “The best way to destroy the capitalist syste he teaches us, is to destroy the currency”. It’s definitely worth quoting because […]


The Banking Union – a road to reforms or a dead-end road?

Author: Vladimir Sirkarov / Date: 08.12.2020

The European Banking Union is the core topic in this paper. The reasons for its formation, essence and operational effects sought for are directly related to the historic genesis of the Eurozone […]



Patience – the missing skill

Author: Evelina Prodanova / Date: 10.10.2020

I have noticed that our generation – Generation Y – is very impatient. We are used to getting things right now, in this particular momen after not more than a few seconds. We have been growing up in times of changes, revolutions and crisis, so we had to develop ourselves […]


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