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Lecture on the topic of “How to finance your own business”

Lecture on the topic of “How to finance your own business”

On the 08.05.2020 Brain Workshop participated in the program of the pre-accelerator “Start It Smart” with a lecture on the topic of “How to finance your own business”. The lecture was led by our member Georgi Mishkov. During the event we commented in a pleasant discussion with the teams participating in first season of the initiative on topic of high importance for the analysis and evaluation of financial needs, but also how to effectively manage the liabilities and assets of a business.

During the event we reviewed various practical examples concerning the problems that starting and operating companies face in the challenge of better financial managemen which we discussed in a friendly atmosphere and active participation from the public. We explored details concerning the capital managemen how to properly finance investment and working capital expenses, how to calculate a company’s net conversion cycles. Within the lectur which lasted for more than 2 hours, we also discussed various options for financing a company such as EU funds and crowd-funding platforms.

The team of Brain Workshop would like to thank to the organizers from “Start It Smart” for the kind invitation and the pleasant atmosphere and would like to wish success to all participants in their program in the realization of their projects.

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